Founded in 1983, Wimberley Valley Winery has a proud history of producing fine wines in central Texas with a focus on quality and a wide selection to suit all palates. From special Christmas wines to seasonal fruit wines, Wimberley Valley Winery goes beyond the status quo to bring creativity and freshness to the world of wine.

Our winemaker, Dean Valentine, has been with the winery from the start and continues to masterfully balance innovative wine production techniques and a commitment to maintaining the quality for which Wimberley Valley Winery has become known. The winery, truly a family passion, employs two of Dean’s children, Carisa and Daniel.

From the beginning, Wimberley Valley Winery has been located on Lone Man Mountain Road, between Driftwood and Wimberley, on thirty acres of beautiful Texas hill country. The original winery has frequently undergone renovations and additions as the company has grown, and today the facility is capable of fermenting and storing 25,000 gallons of handcrafted wine using temperature controlled stainless steel cooperage to precisely exact the production and maintain the quality of the wines.


Winery and Tasting Room

2825 Lone Man Mountain Rd
Drfitwood, Tx 78619
(512) 8472592


Everyday 10am - 6pm